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Split Lap Timer Help

Help for  Split Lap TimerSplit Lap TimerInterval Timer.
Timers are the same except for name and cookie.


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of Split Lap Timer.  Details

Our free Split Lap Timers can record time splits / time intervals while counting, with or without sound, and in different display colors, sizes and fonts.  They work with IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and more.  They are available FREE online, or as a no-ad download version for a fee ( details ).

These split / lap timers have our highest level of accuracy.  They check their accuracy every second and automatically adjust when your computer is overloaded.  Learn more about their accuracy.

To use these timers you need JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser, and most browsers have these enabled.

Split Lap Timer Controls

There are three timer controls: a Start / Stop button, a Split button, and a Reset button.  These buttons can also be triggered using user selected keyboard keys.  See Keyboard Controls, in the Settings section below.

Start / Stop Button -- Starts and stops timer.  Shows Start when timer is stopped, Stop when timer is running.  Timer counts from where it last stopped, so you can stop and start the timer multiple times.  Timer will stop at 99:59:59 if it gets there.

Split Button -- Records a time point.  If the timer just stopped, and you click the Split button, the time point when the timer was stopped will be recorded.  You can achieve faster splits using the keyboard versus the mouse.  See Keyboard Controls, in the Settings section below.

Reset Button -- Resets the timer to zero, the 'start time'.

Time Data


The time data field shows the time splits.  Each click of the Split button or the split keyboard key generates a time data record.  You can edit the time data, and you can select, copy and paste the data into other programs. 

The Reset button normally appends a new time data series to the end of the time data.  The 'Clear on Reset' option will cause all the time data to be cleared out each time you reset the timer.

The 'Clear' link only clears the time data area and sets the split count to zero.  It does not reset the timer.

The 'Show' radio buttons lets you see the time data in an expanded or truncated form.  The time data is not rounded.  If you select a different radio button after editing the time data, the time data will be re-displayed in the new format, and any edits you have made to the time data will be cleared out.

The time data is not stored.  Refreshing the timer page, or closing your browser, will clear out all of your time data.


The timer's settings can be viewed by clicking the 'Settings' link to the right of the Split Lap Timer buttons.  All setting changes take effect immediately.  You can change the settings while the Split Lap Timer is running. 

Setting changes are automatically saved using cookies, so there is no 'save' button.  You need JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser to use the timer and change the settings.  Most browsers have these enabled.  The settings area looks like this . . .

The 'Use Default Settings' link will restore the timer to the default settings, and then redraw it.

Sound *


Sets a sound that plays each time the timer buttons are clicked or keyboard key to control the timer is pressed.

Try  Stop

The 'Try' link lets you hear the Sound.  You can click 'Try' or 'Stop" while the timer is stopped or running.



No browser plug-in is needed to hear the alarm sounds in newer HTML5 browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), or in any version of Internet Explorer.  If you are using an older browser that is not Internet Explorer, you may need to install Apple's QuickTime Player plug-in to hear the alarm sounds.


Clear on Reset

Have timer automatically clear the Time Data when the timer is reset.  If this is left off, then a timer reset will let you see multiple timer sessions, one after the other.

Start on Reset

Have timer automatically start once the Reset button or reset keyboard key is clicked.

Show Keys

Shows the 'start stop', 'split' and 'reset' keyboard key values above the timer buttons.  If using non-printable keyboard keys, they are shown as a number or abbreviation, for example sp for Space Bar, esc for Escape Key.



Sets minimum number of digits that timer will display.  Settings are 0, 00, 0:00, 00:00, 0:00:00 and 00:00:00.


Sets timer text color.


Sets timer text size.


Sets timer text font.
If selected font is not on your computer, timer will use a Serif, Sans-Serif, or Monospace font, depending on the default for the selected font.


Sets timer text width to be Bold or Normal.

Drop Shadow

Sets timer text Drop Shadow or not.
This option only works in the newer versions of FireFox, Chrome and Safari.  It does not work in Internet Explorer.

Keyboard Controls

Start Stop

Keyboard key used to start / stop timer.  Use ASCII value from 1 to 126 (see ASCII Chart).  Use 0 for no keyboard start / stop control.


Keyboard key used to record time split.  Use ASCII value from 1 to 126 (see ASCII Chart).  Use 0 for no keyboard split control.


Keyboard key used to reset timer.  Use ASCII value from 1 to 126 (see ASCII Chart).  Use 0 for no keyboard reset control.


The Keyboard Controls are disabled when the timer's settings are visible.  Hide the Settings to turn the Keyboard Controls on again.

Press the 'Enter' key, or click your mouse outside of a Keyboard Control's textbox, to update your timer with the new keyboard control setting.



Sets the timer's title.  If blank, the default timer title will be shown.  Press the 'Enter' key, or click your mouse outside of the Title textbox, to update your timer with the new title entered.
Also see No Tag option below.

No Tag

Turns on/off the tagline text under the timer title.





Our Split Lap Timers have our highest level of accuracy.  Each second the timer checks itself and makes adjustments as needed.  But with that said, the accuracy and limitations of each computer will affect the accuracy of the timer.

  Most computer's internal clocks are relatively accurate, but they can drift a few seconds a day, and we have no control over this.  In addition using a computer keyboard or mouse to record time events will be limited by the mouse, keyboard or computer's ability to actuate an event.  In our tests, we found that most PC's (from Win98 to the latest Win7 and Mac's) can not accurately discern consecutive clicks or key presses faster than 10 times a second, even though the computer's internal time measurement is within 1/1000th of a second. 

So, it is up to you ascertain the accuracy and precision of your computer's parts and our timer on your PC.  In the event your computer is accurate to your satisfaction, we still do not guarantee that any of our timers will be accurate, or that our code is bug free or virus free.

Additional Help / Suggestions

Our Split Lap Timer timers are provided as a free online service, so we make no promises in regard to additional help.  But, with that said, if you have a question or suggestion, email us at .




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